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April 10-11, 2018: Training
April 11-13, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
Beijing, CN

Convergence of modalities in language technology

This will be presented in English.

Hassan Sawaf (Amazon Web Services)
10:0010:15 Friday, April 13, 2018
英文讲话 (Presented in English)
Location: 紫金大厅A(Grand Hall A)

With today’s device and user interface technology and also the advent of advanced machine learning and deep learning models, input and output modalities are converging in many different dimensions. Hassan Sawaf offers a brief overview of research in human language technology and machine learning in merging information that is captured by the senses of machines.

Photo of Hassan  Sawaf

Hassan Sawaf

Amazon Web Services

Hassan Sawaf is director of applied science and artificial intelligence at AWS, where he is responsible for driving the science and technology behind products like Amazon Lex, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Translate, Amazon Transcribe, and other machine learning services. He has worked in the automatic speech recognition, computer vision, natural language understanding, and machine translation fields for 20+ years. Previously, he cofounded AIXPLAIN AG, a company focusing on speech recognition and machine translation (acquired by AppTek); served as chief operations officer at AppTek (acquired by SAIC); worked as chief scientist for human language technology at SAIC, where he worked on multilingual spoken dialogue systems; and established eBay’s machine translation and cognitive computing team and later led the company’s artificial intelligence team behind various language technology and computer vision innovations.