令人兴奋的TensorFlow 2.0新功能(Exciting new features in TensorFlow 2.0)

此演讲使用中文 (This will be presented in Chinese)

Tiezhen Wang (Google)
14:5015:30 Thursday, June 20, 2019
实施人工智能 (Implementing AI)
Location: 报告厅(Auditorium)
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必要预备知识 (Prerequisite Knowledge)

  • General knowledge of machine learning

您将学到什么 (What you'll learn)

  • Understand the new features promoted in TensorFlow 2.0 and how to build and train your model using the latest techniques

描述 (Description)

TensorFlow 2.0 is a major milestone with a focus on ease of use. Tiezhen Wang walks you through the new exciting features and best practices. Join in to explore distributed strategies and edge deployment (TensorFlow Lite and TensorFlow.js).

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Tiezhen Wang


Tiezhen Wang is a senior software engineer at Google.

Tiezhen Wang Google 软件工程师 TensorFlow 中国团队成员。