June 18-21, 2019
Beijing, CN

自驾驶技术与未来自动化车辆仓到仓运输(Self-driving technology and the future autonomous depot-to-depot transport)

此演讲使用中文 (This will be presented in Chinese)

Hao Zheng (PlusAI)
09:1509:30 Friday, June 21, 2019
Location: 紫金大厅A(Grand Hall A)

PlusAI is developing a full stack self-driving technology to enable large-scale autonomous commercial fleets. Its truck fleets are currently being tested in multiple locations in the US and China.

Hao Zheng examines some of the unique challenges across different layers of the technology stack of building an autonomous truck that’s both safe and efficient and dives into how PlusAI is addressing them.

Photo of Hao Zheng

Hao Zheng


Hao Zheng is the cofounder and CTO of PlusAI, a leading global self-driving technology company enabling autonomous commercial trucking fleets. Previously, he was the senior director and lead architect of the mobile search and content personalization at Yahoo, head of the Yahoo Research Lab in Beijing, and Asia CTO of Zynga. Hao had a long tenure in the internet industry and founded two successful startup companies in social analytics and mobile advertising. He earned his master of science degree in computer science and electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and attended the PhD program in electrical engineering at Stanford University.