统一大数据分析和人工智能从而更快地大规模洞察(Unifying analytics and AI on big data for faster insights at scale)

此演讲使用中文 (This will be presented in Chinese)

08:5009:05 Thursday, June 20, 2019
Location: 紫金大厅A(Grand Hall A)

The business imperative for AI is firmly rooted in data. Data is the currency of the future, as it contains extremely valuable insights that will transform business, operations, security, and experiences across all industries. Harnessing greater and faster insights from data at scale requires a holistic and comprehensive data strategy that takes advantage of modern data-centric infrastructure advancements coupled with new open source software innovations that seamlessly unify advanced analytics with AI technologies.

Ziya Ma walks you through Intel’s scalable data insights strategy and related big data analytics and AI technologies such as Analytics Zoo—an end-to-end analytics and AI pipeline for developing full solutions with Apache Spark on Intel Xeon and Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory at scale. She highlights customers use cases and collaboration with industry leaders throughout.


在本演讲中马子雅会带你了解英特尔的可扩展数据洞察战略和相关的大数据分析与人工智能技术,例如Analytics Zoo。Analytics Zoo是一种端到端的数据分析和人工智能管道,可用于在Intel Xeon和Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory闪存上使用Apache Spark开发完整的解决方案。她会重点介绍客户应用案例以及与各行业领导者的合作。

Photo of 马子雅 (Ziya Ma)

马子雅 (Ziya Ma)


Ziya Ma is the vice president of architecture, graphics, and software as well as a director of data analytics technologies in system software products at Intel. She’s responsible for optimizing big data solutions on the Intel architecture platform, leading open source efforts in the Apache community, and bringing about optimal big data analytics and AI experiences for customers. Her team works across Intel, the open source community, industry, and academia to further Intel’s leadership in big data analytics. Ziya is a cofounder of the Women in Big Data Forum. At the 2018 Global Women Economic Forum, she was honored as Women of the Decade in Data and Analytics. She holds a master’s degree and PhD in computer science and engineering from Arizona State University.