基于数据中心基础架构的深度学习(由Dell Technologies赞助)(A deep learning harness built on data center infrastructure (sponsored by Dell Technologies))

此演讲使用中文 (This will be presented in Chinese)

Youhui Zhou (Dell)
13:1013:50 Thursday, June 20, 2019
Location: 多功能厅8A+B(Function Room 8A+B)
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您将学到什么 (What you'll learn)

  • Explore DL infrastructure and a GPU-as-a-service solution

描述 (Description)

Improve the utilization rate of data center resources. Join in to explore DL infrastructure and a GPU-as-a-service solution. You’ll learn how it simplifies the AI compute requirements with automated access, better control, and simplified provisioning all while pushing your GPU resources to the limit accelerating your model training and inference.

Youhui Zhou