June 18-21, 2019
Beijing, CN
David Low

David Low
Cofounder and Data Scientist, Pand.ai


David Low is the cofounder and chief data scientist at Pand.ai, a company building an AI-powered chatbot to disrupt and shape the booming conversational commerce space with deep natural language processing. He represented Singapore and the National University of Singapore (NUS) in the 2016 Data Science Games held in France, and clinched the top spot among Asian and American teams. David has been invited as a guest lecturer by NUS to conduct master classes on applied machine learning and deep learning topics. Throughout his career, David has engaged in data science projects across manufacturing, telco, ecommerce, and the insurance industry, including sales forecast modeling and influencer detection, which won him awards in several competitions and was featured on the IDA website and the NUS publication. Previously, he was a data scientist at the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore and was involved in research collaborations with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on projects funded by the National Research Foundation and SMART. He competes on Kaggle and holds a top 0.2% worldwide ranking.


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David Low (Pand.ai)
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Transfer learning has been a tremendous success in computer vision as a result of the ImageNet competition. In the past few months, natural language processing (NLP) has witnessed several breakthroughs with transfer learning, namely ELMo, Transformer, ULMFit, and BERT. Join David Low as he showcases the use of transfer learning on NLP applications with state-of-the-art accuracy. Read more.