Rich Ott

Rich Ott
Data Scientist in Residence, The Data Incubator

Richard Ott is a data scientist in residence at the Data Incubator, where he gets to combine his interest in data with his love of teaching. Previously, he was a data scientist and software engineer at Verizon. Rich holds a PhD in particle physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which he followed with postdoctoral research at the University of California, Davis.


09:00 - 17:00 Tuesday, June 18 & Wednesday, June 19
Location: 多功能厅6A+B (Function Room 6A+B)
Rich Ott (The Data Incubator)
PyTorch is a machine learning library for Python that allows users to build deep neural networks with great flexibility. Rich Ott introduces you to the PyTorch workflow and explores how its easy-to-use API and seamless use of GPUs makes it a sought-after tool for deep learning. He equips you with the knowledge you need to build deep learning models using real-world datasets. 了解更多信息.