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Huma Abidi

Huma Abidi
Engineering Director, AI Product Group , Intel

Huma Abidi is the engineering director of the Artificial Intelligence Product Group at Intel, where she is responsible for deep learning framework software optimization for Intel Xeon processors. Huma joined Intel as software engineer and has since worked in a variety of engineering, validation, and management roles in the area of compilers, binary translation, and machine learning and deep learning. She received the Intel Achievement Award for her work in the Software and Services Group and was twice recognized with the Intel Software Quality award. She is passionate about women’s education and serves on the board of directors at ROSHNI, a philanthropic organization that educates and supports underprivileged girls in India. Huma holds a BS in pre-med and chemistry and an MS in computer science from the University of Massachusetts.


14:5015:30 Friday, April 13, 2018
Huma Abidi (Intel)
Intel has been optimizing deep learning frameworks (in collaboration with framework owners) for Intel Xeon processors based on its Skylake microarchitecture. Huma Abidi details these collaborative optimization efforts, particularly for TensorFlow and MXNet, explains how users can leverage these optimizations, and shares specific tuning tips to get the best performance on Skylake platforms. Read more.