Angus Taylor

Angus Taylor
Data Scientist, Microsoft

Angus Taylor is a data scientist in the Cloud AI Group at Microsoft, where he builds data science solutions for external customers in the retail, energy, engineering, and package distribution sectors. He holds an MSc in AI from the University of Edinburgh.


09:0012:30 Wednesday, June 19, 2019
中英文讲话(Presented in Chinese and English)
Location: 报告厅(Auditorium)
Yijing Chen (Microsoft), Dmitry Pechyoni (Microsoft), Angus Taylor (Microsoft), Vanja Paunic (Microsoft), Henry Zeng (Microsoft)
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Almost every business today uses forecasting to make better decisions and allocate its resources more effectively. Deep learning has achieved a lot of success in computer vision, text, and speech processing but has only recently been applied to time series forecasting. Join in to learn how and when to apply deep neural networks to time series forecasting. (presented in Chinese and English) 了解更多信息.