Alex Ingerman

Alex Ingerman
Product Manager, Google

Alex Ingerman is a product manager at Google AI, focusing on federated learning and other privacy-preserving technologies. His mission is to enable all ML practitioners to protect their users’ privacy by default. Previously, Alex worked on ML-as-a-service platforms for developers, web-scale search, content recommendation systems, and immersive data exploration and visualization. Alex lives in Seattle, where as a frequent bike and occasional kayak commuter, he has fully embraced the rain. Alex holds a BS in computer science and an MS in medical engineering.


13:1013:50 Thursday, June 20, 2019
Alex Ingerman (Google)
Federated learning involves training ML models across a fleet of participating devices without collecting their data in a central location. Alex Ingerman examines federated learning, compares the traditional and federated ML workflows, and explores the current and upcoming use cases for decentralized machine learning with examples from Google's deployment of this technology. 了解更多信息.