Zhen Zhao

Zhen Zhao
Technical Consulting Engineer , Intel


Zhen Zhao is a technical consulting engineer at Intel, providing technical consulting and training for AI software solutions, including Intel MKL/MKL-DNN, Intel OpenVINO, and Intel performance libraries (IPP/MKL/DAAL) to Intel strategic customers in the Asia-Pacific, enabling Intel internal and external customers to be successful with Intel platform use through Intel software technology and products.

Zhao为英特尔亚太区战略客户提供英特尔人工智能软件解决方案的技术咨询和培训,包括英特尔MKL/ MKL-DNN、英特尔OpenVINO和英特尔性能库(IPP / MKL / DAAL)。他通过使用英特尔的软件技术和产品,帮助内部和外部客户通过英特尔的平台取得成功。


09:0012:30 Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Location: 多功能厅8A+B(Function Room 8A+B)
Zhen Zhao (Intel)
Intel OpenVINO provides a highly optimized cross-platform deep learning deployment and visual AI solution based on various Intel architectures. Join Zhen Zhao as she explains the structure and workflow of the Intel OpenVINO toolkit, optimization methods by asynchronies, heterogeneous computing, low-precision inference, and instruction set acceleration. 了解更多信息.