Emma Ning

Emma Ning
Senior PM, Microsoft

Emma Ning is a senior Product manager in AI Framework team under Microsoft Cloud + AI Group, focusing on AI model operationalization and acceleration with ONNX/ONNX Runtime in support of Microsoft’s strategic investment for open and interoperable AI. She has more than five years of product experience in search engine taking advantage of machine learning techniques and spent more than three years exploring AI adoption among various businesses. She is passionate about bringing AI solutions to solve business problems as well as enhance product experience.


13:1013:50 Thursday, June 20, 2019
Henry Zeng (Microsoft), Klein Hu (Microsoft), Emma Ning (Microsoft)
An open and interoperable ecosystem enables you to choose the framework that's right for you, train at scale, and deploy to cloud and edge. ONNX provides a common format supported by many popular frameworks and hardware accelerators. Henry Zeng, Klein Hu, and Emma Ning introduce you to ONNX and its core concepts. (Presented in English and Chinese.) 了解更多信息.