Kai Huang

Kai Huang
Software Engineer, Intel


Kai Huang is a software engineer at Intel. His work mainly focuses on developing deep learning frameworks on Apache Spark and helping customers work out end to end deep learning solutions on big data platforms. He is a main contributor to Analytics Zoo and BigDL.

Kai Huang是英特尔软件工程师。 他的工作主要集中在开发Apache Spark深度学习框架,并帮助客户在大数据平台上制定端到端深度学习解决方案。他是Analytics Zoo和BigDL的主要贡献者之一。


09:0012:30 Wednesday, June 19, 2019
实施人工智能 (Implementing AI)
Location: 多功能厅5C(Function Room 5C)
Zhichao Li (Intel), Kai Huang (Intel), Yang Wang (Intel)
Zhichao Li, Kai Huang, and Yang Wang show you how to build and productionize deep learning applications for big data using Analytics Zoo—a unified analytics and AI platform that seamlessly unites Spark, TensorFlow, Keras, and BigDL programs into an integrated pipeline—illustrated though real-world use cases from JD.com, MLSListings, the World Bank, Baosight, and Midea/KUKA. 了解更多信息.
14:5015:30 Thursday, June 20, 2019
实施人工智能 (Implementing AI), 模型与方法 (Models and Methods)
Location: 多功能厅5A+B(Function Room 5A+B)
Kai Huang (Intel)
Real-time recommender systems are critical for the success of the ecommerce industry. Join Kai Huang, Luyang Wang, and Jing Kong as they showcase how to build efficient recommender systems for the ecommerce industry using deep learning technologies. 了解更多信息.